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We are a husband-and-wife team that first met at the dog park. Once our dogs started playing together, we immediately became best friends. Since that first fateful encounter, we’ve become inseparable. Being madly in love with dogs inspired us to surprise each other with meaningful gifts related to our beloved canine pals. Eventually, that spirit of gift-giving turned into us creating cartoon characters of our dogs and printing them onto any item we could think of. Soon, we started getting requests of other dog cartoons from friends, family, co-workers, and pretty much everyone.

It was at that moment we realized that we wanted to keep spreading the doggo love. The next thing we know, we called a special pack meeting, and Dogtoonz was born.

lego figures of the Dogtoonz team
A pack seven dogs sitting


Our mission is simple. We’re on a journey to help dog owners share the joy of being a proud dog parent everywhere they go! We offer a variety of dog cartoons and color options to choose from, and we’re constantly adding more to our collection.

Since we know you love your furry friend as much as we love ours, we invite you to join the Dogtoonz family and find a cartoon representation of your best bud.


Discover fresh lifestyle products in incredibly vibrant colors with your very own doggo printed on them. Not only will our products bring huge smiles to your home or office, but they also make the perfect gifts to your fellow dog-lovers.

Find your fluff, get your stuff! Click on the button below to discover the entire Dogtoonz collection.

A display of some of the Dogtoonz products
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